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Your Easy Guide to Getting Started:
Setting up your personal portal is as easy as 1-2-3.
This Quick Start guide will assist you in setting up your personal portal. Once your portal is set up, and you've added your links, you will be able to access it from any computer anywhere, or any number of computers at once.
1. Sign up
If you haven't already, click here to sign up for an account. Once your portal is set up, you should log in. Then you can add, delete or edit your categories and bookmarks as often as you wish. The Login Name you choose here will also be the guest name of your portal. So don't choose anything of a personal nature if you plan on allowing guest access to your portal.
2. Add categories
Begin by entering up to five categories of your choice. Into these categories you'll place links and/or other categories. You can divide your portal by class or by subject (and create different portals for each class). For now just create some categories. You can always go back and edit them at any time.
The button looks like this. It's on the top right corner of your portal:
3. Add links to each category
Now you can fill in your categories. You can add links to get started, or add sub-categories to provide more detailed organzation.
To add sub-categories click on the button in the category title that looks like this:
When you're ready to add links click on the 'plus' icon in the category title that looks like this:
This will bring you to a page where you can enter links as well as associate them with names, descriptions, and icons. For more help adding links click here. You can add links as many times as you like.
If you find you need to go back and edit links you've already entered click on the button that looks like this:
4. Set preferences
Finally you can go to your preferences page and tailor the details of your portal to your taste. On the preferences page you can change the colors, layout, greetings and many other decorations. Its also where you go to turn sharing on or off.
The button leading to the preferences page looks like this:
5. Share your portal
Once you're ready to share your portal just tell your students the login name. This is all the information they need to view your portal. Guest access can be found by entering your user name in the special 'guest access' forms, or by entering your user name in the regular login form.
Alternatively the guest page can be accessed directly at the URL: