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Frequently Asked Questions
How many people can access a guest page?
There should be no limit to the number of people who can access a portal at any given time. Certainly not in a classroom setting. Hopefully your local network would see any problems before my server would.
How do I get a guest password?
There is no guest password. People can view your portal by entering your user name (without the password) at any login prompt.
In order to use your guest page you need to go to your preferences page, there you will find a popup menu called "Guest Access", change it to read "Allow Guest Access".
Can I upload files to my portal for my classes to download?
Yes!! I'm happy to say that now you can. But you do need to upgrade you portal to the pro version. So for just $15 a year you get an ad free portal as well as 10 MB of storage for your files!
Click here to upgrade now.
I don't like my password, how can I change it?
Go to your preferences page You'll find a link there to a page where you can change your password
My email address has changed, how can I update it in portaportal.
Go to your preferences page You'll find a link there to a page where you can change your email address.
My portal keeps warning me about being deleted if I don't confirm? But I don't get the warning emails.
Please check all junk mail filters you may have. Sometimes email from portaportal can be filtered out. If you still find nothing, make sure your email address is correct, this can be seen and changed in your preferences page. If these are both ok contact us and we can confirm the portal for you.
What is portaportal?
Portaportal is a free, server based bookmarking utility.
I can't get back to my portaportal, what do I need to do?
The URL you need to use is <http://my.portaportal.com>.
What is a server based bookmarking utility?
A bookmarking utility acts like your favorites or bookmarks menu. It gives you a place to keep references to your favorite websites.
Server based gives portaportal the advantage over those. It means your bookmark information is actually stored on our computers. Now you can access it from from any web browser on any computer, anywhere, so when you get a good link while away from home, you can just store it and have it always around.
When used in the classroom links can be placed at any time and are accessible to all students either in the classroom or later at home. Now there's just one address for kids to remember and type.
Can I let other people read but not change my portal?
Yes, it's called allowing public access. By default it's off when you create an account. But you can go into the preferences page and turn it on. Then you can give out the URL:
where of course the phrase YourLoginName is substituted with your actual login name. It's how we do the sample page.
Isn't this valuable and privileged information?
That really depends on your point of view. Just rest assured we value the privacy of our users. Your email address and links will never be linked together. We just want your email address to alert you to new features at the site and to give you a way to retrieve your password in case you lose it.
What about hackers?
We continually monitor our system and are constantly trying to improve our security. However no system is totally secure. We do not recommend the posting of sensitive web page addresses on portaportal.
Do you know the name sounds like port-a-potty?
Yes, it's supposed to be funny.