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Welcome to portaportal.
Portaportal is a web based bookmarking utility that lets you store links to your favorite websites online. Now your bookmarks are no longer limited to any one machine.
So, signup for a free account today
You can create your own portal, look at the sample for ideas!
Upgrade to a pro account and get the ability to upload files for your students to download and use! (just $15/year) (also no ads!). Click here for more info
Then, the next time you come across a website that you like, simply copy the URL, come here and add it to your portal. This way no matter where you are when you surf the web, the bookmark will be waiting for you!
If you already have an account you can login at right. If you have an account, but forgot your password, we can help, click here to get a reminder.
"Thanks so much for providing the service. It is a WONDERFUL management tool for educators. As I use the internet daily in the classroom this really saves me time - a click of the button and I am at the sites I need. The kids don't get bored while I peck away trying to type in an address!"
THANKS for this great service you provide. Every seventh grader can remember portaportal and they use teacher's portaportal for school work, long after they have finished my class. Plus it saves my life every time my laptop has to be reimaged!